Symbolizing long life, this trio of turtles arrives with endearing charm. Duangkamol crafts the jade green statuettes with legendary celadon techniques featuring subtle cracks in the glazed surface.
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The torito de Pucara is celebrated during cattle branding ceremonies to ensure the animals will be fertile, and it is believed that the little bull guards families and households. A fusion of native A...
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I was inspired by the urban belief that having a seahorse at home brings luck and prosperity, says Peruvian artist Miguel Mejia. He masterfully transforms rugged pieces of metal, auto and bike parts, ...
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Graceful koi swim sinuously through transparent pools in a ring by Henry Anthony Sanny. The fish symbolize luck and fortune, he says. I like the koi fish and hope the man who wears my design will alwa...
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Delicate veins form textured surfaces in nine shimmering leaves. Displayed on a strand of floral beads, they encircle the wearer with beauty. Sasithon Saisuk crafts a lovely necklace with an upbeat me...
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Silver flowers link to form a wide ribbon of gleaming lace. Punctuated by tiny beads of copper-colored glass, the necklace features polished globes of black onyx. Zilhi revels in their dramatic contra...
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Arching a long neck from his intricately patterned shell, a wise old turtle calmly surveys his world. Kanda sculpts the elegant, stylized figure in clay. Using the celadon technique, she colors the sm...
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Perched atop a mask coated in white clay, a bird leans down to caress its forehead. Salihu Ibrahim carves the piece by hand in the style of the Senufo people of Mali and the northern Cote d'Ivoire. Ma...
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Thailand's Jantana takes her inspiration from the legendary Chinese lucky knot. In China, knots have different meanings which are dependent on the person that ties it, or the occasion such as a ritual...
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Tempting Lady Luck, silver dice dance on sterling wires. Wadarat Supasirisuk presents these whimsical handcrafted earrings. .925 Sterling silver
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