Would Mark Cuban buy these basketball cards online?

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Dear Mark Cuban,

Everyone knows you on Shark Tank and as one of the most recognized owners, if not thee most famous owner today, of a National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, the Dallas Mavericks. My question to you is, would this 1986 Fleer Basketball Card Set be a good investment, and would you buy it online?

We know that you have bought a GulfStream V jet online recording the largest single eCommerce purchase in history thus far. This was before the tech bubble burst, so nowadays, besides startups, what are you investing in?

Wall Street is a club if not a ponzi scheme, so I would not recommend to others to just pick some stocks and diversify, hoping to retire in 50 years as the previous generation preached and some got lucky and some got burned. (I think you would agree with this statement.) If any person had $200,000+ in their pocket, most advisors would say buy property… But let’s say the average Jane landed on some extra cash worth this signed Fleer set, a property (housing) would not appreciate enough to allow the person to retire in 50 years based on property inflationary conundrum rates over the last decade. You could sell for a profit, but would it be much to live on? Only if you got lucky and found the next Silicon Valley, which could be the Silicon Prairie

Okay, so you or someone else says, “Rent out your property on AirBnB.” That’s all and good if you want to deal with tenants and possible orgies. I would say the average Joe would want to live in the house or let a relative live in it and sell later. S/he could downsize after selling (even better, if lucky enough to have two homes) so that s/he could finally retire, which again does not sound possible as cost of living rises too fast. Unless, you want to move to the Philippines or something. Honestly, I think every hard working American wants to retire in the good-ol-U-S-A and they would possibly brave the cold to do it.

I remember reading somewhere that you said don’t gamble, but then, you won the lottery j/k So tell us sage Cuban, how does a middle class person get lucky enough, as the mentioned article asserts, to afford a signed Fleer set, which I’m sure you would buy as a basketball fan and risk the investment because you can? And the larger question weighing on the majority of the US population and as this article evolved, how do we retire?


R.M. Gonzales
CEO CheapOshopper.com

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